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Japanese Martial Art in Berlin

By MAX SEINSCH, Aikidō-Teacher and Japanologist

gyaku-hanmi katatedori koshi-nage

Aikidō is a Japanese martial art that does not rely on direct confrontation. Rather, it is intended by exact dodging and blending with an attacker's movement to neutralize his attack, to destabilize him and to direct his own energy and strength against him. Because the attacker is ideally not injured, Aikidō is sometimes called "non-violent self-defense". 

In addition to the physiological benefits of its dynamic training Aikidō claims to promote both physical and mental endurance, flexibility and empathy. The required self-discipline and self-confidence arising therefrom lead to outer and inner balance, mutual respect and a sensitivity for other people's feelings much needed for peaceful co-existence. 

Thus Aikidō pursues the goal to develop and to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, which is why you do not talk of "martial sports", but of "martial arts".

(Author: Max Seinsch)


  • Til 18th of April: No practice on Wednesdays!
  • 30th of March - 2nd of April: No practice from Good Friday til Easter Monday. Besides from that traning will commence as usual during schools' Easter recess (26th of March til 8th of April).
  • 23rd - 25th of March: No practice on Friday and Saturday because of a seminar in Cluj-Napoca.
  • 9th of December: Congratulations to all, who passed their kyû-gradings at our dôjô. Excellent performance!
  • 11th of November: Congratulations to all, who passed their dan-gradings of the German Aikido Federation.
  • 25th of September: New photo gallery "Polanica-Zdroj 2017"
  • 28th of August: New photo gallery "BAF Summer School 2017"

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